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The next step to follow is to provide a voice recording. Please follow the instructions below to complete it.

Once you finish, don’t forget to put your complete name and email so we can identify you. If you are still eligible, we will reach back to you through Indeed, so make sure to check your notifications.

We look forward to receiving your recording, good luck!

Please record yourself reading the following script between a Customer Service Representative (R) and a Customer (C). You can practice as many times as you need to be able to read it smoothly. (You only need to read the text, not who is saying it. Make sure to pause in between people).

“Recording for: ___(Your first name)____”

R: Thank you for calling ABC Medical Center, my name is ___(Your first name)___, how may I assist you?

C: My name is John Smith, I’d like to make an appointment with Dr. Banner.

R: I’ll be happy to assist you with that, may I have your date of birth?

C: October 3rd, 1972

R: Thank you, could you please verify your address and phone number?

C: Yes it is 123 Liberty Street, Cleveland, Ohio, 44101 and my phone number is 216-654-1100.

R: Ok, thank you, let me check when Dr. Banner is available, one moment please.

C: Thank you.

R: The next appointment available for Dr. Banner is November the 28th at 11am, would that work for you?

C: You said November the 28th?

R: Yes, at 11am 

C: Ok, that sounds good

R: Perfect! Your appointment is set, is there anything else I can assist you with?

C: No, thank you, that will be all.

R: Thank you for calling, have a great day!